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Pay Per Click Campaigns Ireland

If you want to appear on the first page of Google immediately you may want to consider a Google Pay per Click Ads campaign, it differs from Search Engine Optimisation as SEO is a service where a websites listing is built up over a period of time

Pay Per Click or Google Advertising is an alternative way of ensuring that your website is listed on the first few results pages of Google and other search engines, paid advertising features as the first three or four results at the top of the first page of Google and also at the bottom of the Google results page.

Content advertising is also available where your website can be advertised on other businesses websites with relevant content. The cost of this type of campaign depends on your own advertising budget.

These adverts can be pay per click, that means you only pay when someone clicks on the link to visit your site, or alternatively you can pay for per 1000 advert displays.

These services would benefit your business as they direct people who are already looking for the type of product or services you are offering to your website

We will manage the advertising campaign on your behalf including:

We aim to ensure that your web site reaches its top potential when it comes to a search engine listing, that customers who are genuinely interested in the services that you offer will come to your site and as a result your business will reap the rewards. We charge a 15% fee for the ongoing management of your campaign (a minimum of €50.00 applies for smaller budgets)

Google Pay per Click advertising campaigns start from as little as €100 per month, you decide the monthly budget that suits you and your ads will be spread throughout the month to ensure a consistent increase in your website visitor numbers.

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